Introductory Logic Phil50

Spring, 2011

No credit will be given for late assignments.

Note that most homework is to be submitted for online grading. When you submit an assignment for the final time, you must indicate that I should receive a copy of the grade report (at my email address, However, if you wish you may submit one or more trial versions of the homework for online grading with grade reports to be sent only to you. Then you may attempt to correct any mistakes prior to the final online submission.  

I will accept only the first grade report I receive for a given assignment, however, so make certain that you have made all the changes you want to or have time for before you have a report sent to me!  When you submit an assignment with a grade report to be sent to me, make certain that you include all of the problems for that assignment in a single submission -- if you break up your submission into chunks, I will count only the first chunk.

Homework assignments are to be your own work. Submitting a copy of someone else's file is a violation of academic integrity.  Be aware that the grading software watches for this. (Discussing the homework assignments with other students and getting or giving general advice and suggestions is fine. Copying someone else's work is not.)

The schedule below is tentative; changes will probably be made as the semester progresses. Please consult the online schedule for the updated assignment.


Exercises and Problems

Mon, Mar 28
Introduction (pp. 1-10)
FUN: What is an argument? Not this:
Wed, Mar 30
Atomic Sentences 1.1- 1.4
Submit "You Try It," pp. 8-10 
Note: If you follow the step-by-step instructions in the book, you'll see in step 7 on p. 10 the instruction to select "Just Me" when submitting. Don't do this! Select "Instructor Too" when you submit so I can see you've done it (and so I can give you credit for an incredibly easy assignment).
Fri, Apr 1 The Logic of Atomic Sentences

Mon, Apr 4
The Logic of Atomic Sentences

Wed, Apr 6
The Boolean Connectives
HW1: Submit 1.4-5,9,19, 2.15-18,21,25
do all of the 'You try it"

Fri, Apr 8
The Boolean Connectives

Mon, Apr 11
The Logic of Boolean Connectives
make sure you also know how to use truth tables to determine tautological equivalence and tautological consequence, as in exercises 4.12-18 and 4.20-24.
Wed, Apr 13
Proofs in Boolean Logic

HW2: Submit:  3.3, 7, 10 3.14-16, 21, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4 and 4.5
recommended (especially if any of these give you trouble): 3.12,20,22
think about: 3.25
Fri, Apr 15
Formal Proofs in Boolean Logic

Mon, Apr 18
Formal Proofs in Boolean Logic

Wed, Apr 20
HW3: Submit: 6.3-6, 6.9,10,12,6.21,24,25, 6.33, 40
 Email 5.23. Keep in mind that  these may or may not be valid (if not submit a counterexample rather than a proof). Don't use Taut Con or Ana Con. (Actually, never use them unless specifically asked to.)

Fri, Apr 22

  Conditionals 7.4

Mon, Apr 25

Logic of Conditionals

Wed, Apr 27

HW4: Submit 7.12, 15,8.18-25,8.26, 28-30
examine 7.1-8 and determine whether the indicated sentences are tautologically equivalent; the equivalences are useful to know

Fri, Apr 29
Introduction to Quantification

Mon, May 2
Syllogistic Reasoning

Wed, May 4
The Logic of Quantifiers
HW5: Submit 9.1-3,9.5,6, 9.9, 11-12. (you don't need to do the written portions, just the parts you can submit to the Grade Grinder)

Fri, May 6
The Logic of Quantifiers

Mon, May 9
Multiple Quantifiers

Wed, May 11
Proofs for  Quantifiers
HW6: Submit 11.1, 11.2, 11.4-6, 11.16-17, 18,19,20

Fri, May 13
Formal proofs Quantifiers

Mon, May 16
Formal proofs Quantifiers

Wed, May 18
HW7:13.2-6, 13,11-14,13,23-31
Fri, May 20
Knowledge and Information Flow
Nothing to turn in
Mon, May 23
Logic and Action

Wed, May 25
Constructive Logic

Fri, May 27

Mon, May 30
Wed, Jun 1

Fri, Jun 6

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